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   Went out for coffee downtown Madison with my roomies.  I biked down and met them there.  The ride is just under 7 miles (each way) and goes pretty quick, but sadly this is all the biking I've done all weekend.  We all intended to bring computers and do some writing.  Steve and I were lost in our computers in no time.  Xen couldn't find his.  And poor Zach spent the entire time waiting for his to update the non-Linux OS.
   My work ride today was almost perfect, and would have been if a section of the Capital City Trail hasn't been closed.  The ride in was 14.9 miles and I made really great time; 1 hour and 3 minutes.  This gives an average speed of 14.8 mph.  Going through town I was sheltered from the southern winds, but I suspect they were more from the west than the forecast predicted.  On the ride back I had a fairly strong wind from the south.  I traveled with two stops: one for lunch and the other for desert.  My total distance was 20.4 miles over 2 hours, 23 minutes.  My tracking application states my average speed (excluding stops) was 11.82 mph—significantly slower than my ride into work.  I think desert was a bad idea as I lost all drive after this point and traveled significantly slower.  The last part of the trip was much slower due to the strong south-west wind, which I had to face more or less head on on the country roads on the north east side of lake Mendota.
   The Octagon house layout is fairly efficient.  There are 4 square large rooms on each floor, and 4 triangle small rooms between each of the square rooms.  The triangle rooms provide storage.  The roof of the house is flat, but slops inward.  This slow allows rain water to be collected in a cistern on the 3rd floor.
   Swimming this evening I broke 3 personal records.  First, I swam 700 yards with fins in 9 minutes, 41 seconds—an average lap time of 20.75 seconds.  Then I did 10 minutes of front crawl without stopping to pant—an other first.  Lastly I managed to swim 50 yards under water in a single breath.
   Swimming today I achieved my goal of 700 yards (28x25 yard laps) in 10 minutes using swimming fins, clocking in at 9 minutes, 56 seconds.  It about kills me to make this time, but I've gone from just over 10 minutes to under 10 now.  At work I am up to 80 pushups a set, with one set each hour.  That an average of 720 pushups/day.  I started keeping track of the total number of pushups done starting in late June.  Then I was doing 50 pushups/set, with a gradual increase as time progressed.  I marks the first time I ever reach 100 pushups in a single set, and so far I've done over 11,000 since I started keeping records.  Either I'm improving in upper body strength, or I've become really efficient at doing pushups.
   It was a hot day today so Lisa and I decided to do some swimming and visit the Octagon House in Wattertown.  Our tour guide was quite young and tried his best to answer my slew of questions, but there was much he didn't know.  Still, the house had some interesting history.  I enjoyed photographing the stairs in particular, this pictured is one of my many shots.